Re: Some questions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 15:13:01 -0800

Andrei-Vasile Neagu wrote:
> You would have had to change the rate of the PPP acount type or create
> another
> account type with the rate. Did you change the rate of the user? It
> sounds like
> it was still on the 120 rate, and thats why a charge wasn't created.
> I did all of above. The only type of invoice that works is renewal. I tried to invoice the user a day after creation. The call history shows the time but nothing on charge!

Renewal and CC are for renewals. Invoice is for charges. I would have
to verify the DB config to see what is happening or why it didn't
charge the user.

> RadiusNT already does this. It uses the lesser of an Existing
> Session-Timeout for the
> user/account type or the number of minutes they have left.
> I tried adding Session-Limit to PPP type users. The Radius place the value from there not the minimum between Session-Limit and time limit. May be I do something wrong. Any idea ?

Did you enable time banking in the RadiusNT Administrator? It doesn't do
by default. Unless you enable time banking, it would use the time left

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