Serv-u Setup.

Duane Schaub ( )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 17:52:46 -0600

Please respond to me personally, as I am way behind on Emerald email.

I am setting up servu on an intel NT 4.0 server. I am using the
emer_su.dll that I d/l'd on 3-15-97.

Servu accepts the dll and when I login, It accepts the login. However, it
does not give any permissions... ie, I cannot list or create any files in
the users home dir.

Configs: Emeradm, Client, FTP: 5000KB limit, Not allowed to Create dirs
and default home is blank.

In services, the user dir is \\earth\f\http\users\b\bellis (example)

I have created f:\http\users\b\bellis on the machine "earth" and there are
two small files in the directory.

Servu is running from the command line in NT while logged in as administrator.

I have tried placing a user directly into servu and that works fine.
Any suggestions?


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