Re: .92 doesn't display reports

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 15:09:06 -0800

Josh Hillman wrote:
> I just noticed this today, but Emerald .92 doesn't display reports. When
> selecting a report (Emerald or Custom), all of them display
> "\reportname.rpt" but when I click on Display Report, Emerald responds with
> "Report not found."

The newer version is putting the global path (blank for yours) in front
the report. This is what is causing the problem. Run the new emerald
admin, and put a global path in "\\server\apps\emerald" and they will
use the one on server, rather than having to sync all the reports on the

> Emerald .75 has no problem with them--it seems to be something with E.92.
> I noticed that there's a newer "emerald.exe" on the site (beta), but
> haven't tested it yet. Creating and printing invoices seems to work just
> fine (any version). I tried putting one of the RPT files in the root
> directory, (because the location displayed "\reportname.rpt") but it had no
> effect.

Depends on what "root" is. It might not be your c:\ drive.

> All reports on the machine with E.92 are in the c:\Program Files\Emerald
> directory and no modifications were made to the settings in the Emerald
> config relative to reportnames/locations when I went from .75 to .92.

The newer version checks for the reports in the local, then global
It looks in several places, with several combinations.

> On a separate note, how does /emerald/beta/radius.exe differ from the
> emerald.exe that comes with .60?

It fixes a couple of problems, which I can't think of off the top of my
head. It also requires a Emerald license to run in ODBC mode, hence
why its there, and not in the RadiusNT directory. :)

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