Some questions

Andrei-Vasile Neagu ( )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 01:37:02 +-200

I started testing Emerald & RadiusNT for 1 week.
I have some problems and questions. Could anyone help me?

1. The Emerald software announce me that " Your Free Evaluation copy has =
expired. Contact for purchasing information"
I thought that there were 45 days...
I think that for all tests to be completed, Post.Office, FTP =
integration, etc, 45 days is OK not just a week.
If I try to reinstall but the message is the same.
Only the Emerald Client don't work.

2. I setup a PPP user with 1$/hr 2$/hr charge type. I tested the user =
logging in the Telebit for a couple of hours. When I tried to invoice =
him he was charged 0$ for service and 0$ for connections. In call =
history was 2 Hrs and nothing on charge column. I execute from Batch =
menu the Charge option and after that Invoice.

3. How can I make radiusNT to put my own SQL queries to server?

4. How can I charge the user with unit time "minute" instead of "hour"?

5. If an user have limit time he can pass it inside of a call, and after =
that he will obtain an "out of time". Exist any possibility to put the =
remaining time limit in Session-Time attribute from Radius so the Radius =
server can pass to the machine a session limit ?

Thank you,
Andrei-Vasile Neagu