.92 doesn't display reports

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 17:13:34 -0500

I just noticed this today, but Emerald .92 doesn't display reports. When
selecting a report (Emerald or Custom), all of them display
"\reportname.rpt" but when I click on Display Report, Emerald responds with
"Report not found."
Emerald .75 has no problem with them--it seems to be something with E.92.
I noticed that there's a newer "emerald.exe" on the site (beta), but
haven't tested it yet. Creating and printing invoices seems to work just
fine (any version). I tried putting one of the RPT files in the root
directory, (because the location displayed "\reportname.rpt") but it had no

All reports on the machine with E.92 are in the c:\Program Files\Emerald
directory and no modifications were made to the settings in the Emerald
config relative to reportnames/locations when I went from .75 to .92.

On a separate note, how does /emerald/beta/radius.exe differ from the
emerald.exe that comes with .60?

Josh Hillman