Re: Microsoft IEAK Signup Sever script sample

Vincent McCutcheon ( )
Tue, 11 Mar 97 15:20:36 PST

To Josh,

This is what I got and tried to submit my name and address at the beginning
of Your sign-up:

Error in c:\httpd\wincgi-bin\iissample.exe

An internal Visual Basic error has occurred in

Couldn't perform operation; data too long for field. (error #3163)

Please note what you were doing when this problem occurred, so we can
identify and correct it. Write down the Web page
you were using, any data you may have entered into a form or search box,
and anything else that may help us duplicate the
problem. Then contact the administrator of this service:

All I did was submit the information it requested, I was using Netscape 3.0
on a Win NT 3.51 machine. The information I submitted as requested is as

Vincent L. (in the first name field) McCutcheon (in last name field)
SpideyWeb, Inc. (in Company field)
28 Centre (in Address field)
(2nd Address field blank)
Park Forest (in the City field)
IL (in State field)
60466 (in the Zip Code field)

I tried several time to submit the requested information, still received
the aforementioned error.

Your program looks really slick and professional tho...};-)

Vincent L. McCutcheon
SpideyWeb, Inc.
"We Connect You"
28 Centre
Park Forrest, IL 60466

> ----------
> > From: Josh Perry <>
> > To:
> > Subject: Microsoft IEAK Signup Sever script sample
> > Date: Monday, March 10, 1997 9:52 PM
> >
> > I've compiled a sample of my IEAK script if you'd like to see how it
> > operates goto:
> >
> > this was written in VB and run on Netscape Server over WinNT 3.51
> >
> Josh,
> Couple of questions..
> First, what version of VB was this written in? 4?
> Second, are you using anything SPECIFIC to netscape server? Many of us are
> using IIS 3.0 or another web server, and it would be nice if things we're
> Netscape Specific..
> Third, and last, have you tried running this under WinNT 4.0?
> That's it.. The app looks pretty slick.. I ran through about halfway..
> Didn't want to add any users on your end.. <G>
> Ryan Smith
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