Re: ServU Started Crashing

John C. Lange, Sr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:12:15 -0600

This one made me think.

I'm not sure but, (everyone has a but) I would assume that many people
use the same copy of NT 4.0 Server on multiple servers within their
organizations. Could this cause a conflict? Probably not, but saw this
from Kelly & wondered if there was a connection. I know, no one would
admit to this, but it could be a possibility.

And, after whinning consideralby, my Serv-U ran without a problem all
weekend. I have logged in several times from different machines & it
seems to be up & working. I'm sure it is not fixed though. And I know
that as I write this "Murphy" is probably doing a job on me, but thought
I would mention it.

JOhn :}

Kelly Wright wrote:
> This weekend we started experiencing the crashes with ServU. It has been
> stable until this time. Has anyone determined what is going on? It seems
> to be associated with the dll file. When we restart ServU with out the
> dll it doesn't seem to fail.
> The only thing we have changed to our configuration is we added a server to
> our network this weekend. I don't no why this would cause any problems.
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> BuzNet Communications (
> 972-644-0440
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JOhn :}

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