Emerald management

Marc Elbirt ( marc@cpol.com )
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:48:18 -0500


Although I appreciate not having to wait for full releases from you, there
is a big problem with the presence of beta releases on line.

The problem is that they create a complacency in your customer base, among
those who are not deeply affected by bugs which exist in the released
software or in the betas. This complacency exacerbates the big problem
with this software; which is that it is not ready for release, that it is
still full of bugs and that there are plenty of necessary functions which
have been omitted.

This problem rests squarely on your shoulders. However, I don't blame you.
You are clearly overloaded by a project which requires at least two more
engineers of your caliber. And I must say, your caliber is extremely high.
But this software project will not survive if Computech doesn't hire some
more people to help you. You cannot continue to be responsible for this
mailing list, guiding the project, and doing all the coding... Not to
mention the RadiusNT software, and the ServU DLL.

This message is also directed to Computech's management. Although Emerald
is visionary and its utility unquestionable, unless you dedicate more
resources to it and to your customers, we will grow continously more
unhappy. Please do something; my business depends on you.

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