Re: ServU Started Crashing

Wayne Jordan ( )
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:52:36 -0600

I have 4 servers all running NT4 and the only thing I know is that it seems
to crash when someone logs in that is in the emerald database. I have never
seen it crash from an anonymous user. Our emerald database and SQL server
is on the same machine. I wonder if it is some type of timing issue or
permissions issue at the time someone is trying to log on (i.e. to many
things going on at that present time and crashes). Just something else to
ponder here.

At 11:12 AM 3/10/97 -0600, you wrote:
>This one made me think.
>I'm not sure but, (everyone has a but) I would assume that many people
>use the same copy of NT 4.0 Server on multiple servers within their
>organizations. Could this cause a conflict? Probably not, but saw this
>from Kelly & wondered if there was a connection. I know, no one would
>admit to this, but it could be a possibility.
>And, after whinning consideralby, my Serv-U ran without a problem all
>weekend. I have logged in several times from different machines & it
>seems to be up & working. I'm sure it is not fixed though. And I know
>that as I write this "Murphy" is probably doing a job on me, but thought
>I would mention it.
>JOhn :}
>Kelly Wright wrote:
>> This weekend we started experiencing the crashes with ServU. It has been
>> stable until this time. Has anyone determined what is going on? It seems
>> to be associated with the dll file. When we restart ServU with out the
>> dll it doesn't seem to fail.
>> The only thing we have changed to our configuration is we added a server to
>> our network this weekend. I don't no why this would cause any problems.
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