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Nathan Haywood ( )
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 15:57:28 -0400

That was exactly my point. If you are going to try and write a full blown
ISAPI, CGI, or ActiveX system to handle all the possible things you might
want to "manage" about a user (as stated a "replacement" for "the standard
emerald client"), that's more than a couple web scripts... You'd have to
recode most of the functionality yourself...

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Nathan Haywood wrote:
> Doesn't anyone else realize that a DB front-end is exactly what Emerald
> Other than that, it's just a data structure with a few stored
> RadiusNT is a distinct product that handles the authentication against the
> database (or other source).

If they did realize that, they would be wrong. Emerald is not JUST a
DB front end. For example, when you add a user, it handles pro-rates,
interim invoices, etc. There is quite a bit more to managing user data
than just updating fields. Changing the data in the database outside of
Emerald can cause significant problems, if you don't know exactly what
you are doing, and is therefore not recommended nor supported.

> I use Emerald all the time, but if you're going to replace the "standard
> Emerald client" then are you even still running Emerald?

There are some simple function that could be made into a web
interface fairly easy (like incidents). However user management and
billing is NOT something I would recommend trying to replace from the
Emerald client.


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