Re: [Emerald] IMail 6.0

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 20:22:03 +0800

Yup, I do.

Just follow the instructions in the EmerAuth docs.

Then open IMail Admin and do the following :

1. Create a host named, for example, "" (without the
double-quotes) .
2. Click on ""
3. Click on the Configure button
4. Specify C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\EmerAuth.DLL as the path for your external
database DLL .
5. Don't mind whatever the value of the ODBC and Table fields
6. Click on Ok
7. Click on Apply
8. Close IMail Admin
9. Open Emerald Admin
10. Click on the "General" button
11. Add a new External System
12. In Ext. name, enter "IMail"
13. Choose Standard/Export
14. In the Description, enter "IMail"
15. Click on the Save buton
16. Take note what the number beside the new listed IMail External System
17. Click on the "Domains" folder tab
18. In the "Internet" field, enter "" (without the
19. Click on Save
20. Close the General window
21. Click on the "Accounting" button
22. Click on the "Services" folder tab
23. Click on the Email service
24. Select "IMail" from the External System pulldown menu
25. Click on Save
26. Close Emerald Admin
27. Open EA (or Emerald Auth) Admin
28. In the ESID field, enter the number that you took note of in step #16
29. In the Logfile field, specify the logfile path and filename (like
C:\Program Files\Emerald\EmerAuth.log)
30. In the DSN field, select Emerald
31. Enter the "sa" as Username
32. Enter the sa password in Password
33. Enter the sa password again in the Verify field
34. Click on File and then on Save
35. Open the Emerald client
36. Create a new MBR or open an existing MBP
37. Create a new Email service subaccount. Let's say the login name of the
account is "john"
38. Save the changes
39. Open IMail Admin
40. Expand the "" tree
41. Expand the "users" tree. You will see "john" as one of the users
42. Send a test email to
43. Using any email client software, try to fetch john's email to verify
that an email was indeed sent to the mailbox.

That's about it.

Notes :

1. Closing and then opening IMail admin would allow you to see any account
changes you make in Emerald.
2. There is a bug in EmerAuth. It concatenates the First and Lastname and
put it as the firstname in the user's IMail admin interface.

- Danny Sinang

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> Does anyone has any experience configuring IMail v6.0 to use emerauth.dll
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