Re: [Emerald] SQL query

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 08:47:48 -0500

From: Network Operation Centre <>
> Can somebody help with this query. I want to do this query but I also want
> to pull out the maExpireDate's as well but can not work out how to add it.
> select Login, FirstName, LastName, PhoneHome, PhoneWork, AccountType from
> SubAccounts where AccountType='Unlimited' and customerid in (it goes here
> but dunno how to add it)

Name=sa.Firstname+' '+sa.Lastname,
WHEN sa.PhoneHome =''
THEN sa.PhoneWork
WHEN sa.PhoneHome !='' and sa.PhoneWork !=''
THEN convert(varchar(35), sa.PhoneHome+' / '+sa.PhoneWork)
ELSE ma.PhoneHome
ExpireDate=convert(varchar(10), ma.maExpireDate, 101)
FROM Subaccounts sa, MasterAccounts ma
WHERE sa.CustomerID = ma.CustomerID
AND sa.AccountType='Unlimited'
/* remove the last line if you don't want it to be specific to that account

> And would anyone have this in a Crystal Report at all :-) or the
> for Crystal Report but instead of using accounttype= what it does can it
> changed to accounttype=*
> select Login, FirstName, LastName, PhoneHome, PhoneWork, AccountType,
> LastModifyDate, TimeLeft from SubAccounts where AccountType='casual 100'
> TimeLeft<120

Just replace the 'Unlimited' with 'casual 100' and add
AND sa.TimeLeft < 120


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