Re: [Emerald] Running Update Database results in lost operators

David Routh ( )
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:43:01 -0600

>> I'd say the screen needs to be changed... I can understand having the
>> script but can't it be left off the list as a choice.
>I don't follow?

I just mean leave it off the list of scripts on the drop down menu on the
DB Maintenance screen. It would keep people like me from even thinking
about running it...but if it really doesn't hurt anything in the DB then I
guess it's OK where it is...

>> Since I did run this script what damage has been done to the Emerald DB...
>> I realize it's working (Emerald) but why shouldn't the script be run on a
>> 2.5 DB.
>Because its designed to bring a 2.2 database up to par on a 2.5. It
>probably will not hurt anything, but you could loose data (like the
>Operators table that gets re-created). I don't know of any major
>data loses though (like it doesn't do anything to your mbr tables
>except add additional columns, if they don't exist).

Thanks, I was a little concerned I might run into some sort of problem down
the road. Hopefully not.

Thanks for the explaination,

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