Re: [Emerald] Emerald and sp_dbcmptlevel

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 12:55:05 -0800

Bernard Andrys wrote:
> I ran a query and found my SQL 7 is set to SQL 6.5 compatibility. (Which I
> didn't do so I'm not sure how it got set.) Are there any problems using
> Emerald client 2.5.294 with sp_dbcmptlevel set to 70?

No. Thats actually the default.

> (I've seen scripts posted by Dale before saying "you need to be running
> 7.0", but I want to be sure that none of the stored procedures that Emerald
> 2.5.294 call NEED to be SQL 6.5)

Nope. SQL 7 has new functions/features that some scripts use (like
replace) that 6.5 doesn't have. Those are the ones that need 7.0.
Its not a sp_dbcmptlevel issue.

> The reason for this is I want to run: ALTER TABLE Calls ALTER COLUMN
> UserName VARCHAR(32) NULL
> to change the length of the UserName column to match the length of the
> UserName column in the Subaccounts table.

Thats fine. I would just use Enterprise manager to change the designe
of the table. Its much better than SQL scripts.


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