Re: [Emerald] Total Control and Emerald 2.5

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 21:39:09 -0800

Lamar Townsend wrote:
> When IEA was doing the upgrade on my software last week to 2.5 I told
> them that the Connect-info was not working in the Online menu, the Server
> and Ports info was not working on the RadLogs menu, and the graph program
> was only working on the first 23 ports of each chassis. I was told that the
> RadLogs info could be fixed very easy (still is not working) but that I
> would have to call sales and pay to get a custom trigger written to make the
> connect-info work. This is NOT going to happen. I know I'm not the only
> person on the planet running Emerald with the Total Control Hiper chassis.
> I was told when I purchased 2.2.3x that this stuff worked with this hardware
> and now I see that was just a "get him to send us the check" deal. Nobody
> up there will address these posts in the list or via email. It must be nice
> to be able to pick and choose what questions you want to address.

I'm sorry to say, but thats just not true. I've adresses these a bunch,
this is the first I have seen of the other USR problems you noted. If
send me connection information to your SQL Server, I'll fix those

> Don't get me wrong, this software works for the most part but the little
> things that actually make it a "nice" piece of software are not working. Up
> until this point I have been very happy with IEA and their support but when
> someone tells me that I am going to have to pay to have something fixed that
> should work in the first place then that really was the last straw. With
> the amount of people using the software with the TC you would think we could
> get it fixed. If there is a problem with the TC sending Connect-Speed
> instead of Connect-Info then fix the software to toggle between the two.
> What is it going to take to get this working? The data is there lets just
> get it into Emerald!

One of the problems here is that the USR is not using the RFC standard
attributes. Ascend has a bad habit of doing this as well. Its sorta
if you had a router that didn't do BGP like the BGP RFC said. Should
adjust to it, or should the vendor fix thier oversight? We have been
work arounds for many shortcomings of vendors, and I don't see that
in the future, either.

> Lamar Townsend
> Microgear / Microgear.Net
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