Re: [Emerald] Total Control and Emerald 2.5

H. A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 18:42:34 -0500

I suffer the same fate as you Lamar, except they haven't asked me
for more money yet. Here is how I see it, or do you think I'm
too kind. I have been a lone developer for 12 years (Front
Office) and I never got it truly right, but it was fun creating
it (thanks to a working wife). Only sold a few copies, thank
heavens. But there is a serious side to all this as we all know:

It is so frustrating to know how Emerald can better serve my
users, and to be so eager to use it, but it's broke. (Doesn't do
call timing or integrate with my iMail). It must be so difficult
for all of you, as well. I mean wanting to make the best product
for the least price and trying to get it right at the same time.
You seem forced to make continuing changes while trying to
enhance Emerald, right? This approach leaves past bugs unfixed
and creates new bugs with the enhancements, and around and around
it goes, without the time to test, test, and test some more.
Being in this PC business some 21 years, my advice is to not
issue any new upgrades until what you have it as rock solid as
possible and out of beta, because I believe that you have
basically a very well designed product. When new user calls
slacken off, you'll know it's out of beta.

Creating software is sometimes awful to do. I know I've been
there. Please keep in mind the affect your talents and efforts
have on others, your well meaning users, and on yourselves
(trying to service the product). Be ruled by such relationships,
not money. It's such a tough call for you all, but I would go
slower, keep the faith, and solidify what you have.

Please believe how much I appreciate your efforts. Just my 2

Howard A. Brooks, CC & BW - IamNet, Inc. -
"Your One Stop Internet Support and Solution Shop" -

> Well,
> When IEA was doing the upgrade on my software last week to
2.5 I told
> them that the Connect-info was not working in the Online menu,
the Server
> and Ports info was not working on the RadLogs menu, and the
graph program
> was only working on the first 23 ports of each chassis. I was
told that the
> RadLogs info could be fixed very easy (still is not working)
but that I
> would have to call sales and pay to get a custom trigger
written to make the
> connect-info work. This is NOT going to happen. I know I'm
not the only
> person on the planet running Emerald with the Total Control
Hiper chassis.
> I was told when I purchased 2.2.3x that this stuff worked with
this hardware
> and now I see that was just a "get him to send us the check"
deal. Nobody
> up there will address these posts in the list or via email. It
must be nice
> to be able to pick and choose what questions you want to
> Don't get me wrong, this software works for the most part but
the little
> things that actually make it a "nice" piece of software are not
working. Up
> until this point I have been very happy with IEA and their
support but when
> someone tells me that I am going to have to pay to have
something fixed that
> should work in the first place then that really was the last
straw. With
> the amount of people using the software with the TC you would
think we could
> get it fixed. If there is a problem with the TC sending
> instead of Connect-Info then fix the software to toggle between
the two.
> What is it going to take to get this working? The data is there
lets just
> get it into Emerald!
> Lamar Townsend
> Microgear / Microgear.Net
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