Re: [Emerald] SQL Server Error: Msg 1105

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 17:55:23 -0500

From: WayneG <>
> SQL Server Error: Msg 1105, Can't allocate space for object 'SubAccounts'
> in database 'Emerald' because the 'default' segment is full. If you ran out
> of space in Syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE
> or sp_extendsegment to increase the size of the segment. State 2,
> Severity=17
> Emerald DataBase:
> Data Size: 250 MB
> Data Space Available: 0.00 MB
> Log Size: 150 MB
> Log Space Available: 149.99 MB
> Version: 408

Go into SQL Enterprise Manager and allocate more drive space to your Emerald "device". Then
double-click on your Emerald database and expand the data segment onto the newly created space on
the Emerald device.


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