RE: [Emerald] USR hiper chassis and Emerald 2.5

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 17:19:41 -0500

The problem isn't with Emerald or RadiusNT, it's with USR/3Com not following
the RFC Standards. You need to hound 3com about fixing their buggy hardware.
Dale has done a good job at supporting their hardware when possible. Also,
You don't need any special triggers wrote to support the HyperArc's... I'm
running them just fine, but, beware if you reboot your HyperArc's you won't
get callers to display for about a day or two (unless you do one of the
fixes mentioned below, or purge your call tables).. Also, You need to make
sure you have the correct ports added to your RadiusNT.. Dale posted a
script a while back that goes through and reads the call records and finds
were it's tried to insert a call record into a non-existent port, and makes
the port for you.. You need to run this script. The USR box has a funky way
of numbering it's ports. Second, As he already stated, you need to rebuild
your primary index key in the calls table to include the username. If your
unsure how to do this I'm sure Dale would be more than happy to explain how
to do it. The only other problems I've had with the USR involved VSA's and a
Radius attribute called Class. Dale fixed the VSA problem for me, and We'll
deal with the Class problem when RadiusNT 3.0 is released.

Thanks, Billy Huddleston

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Well, looks like everyone at IEA is picking which items on the
list they
are answering. I guess they really have NO intention of fixing those
problems that I mentioned in my last post.. I will not consider the
upgrade, which I paid for, complete until they get these things working.
Come on IEA, when will Emerald work with the Total Control?

Lamar Townsend

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