[Emerald] SQL Server Error: Msg 1105

WayneG ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 13:33:22 -0600

SQL Server Error: Msg 1105, Can't allocate space for object 'SubAccounts'
in database 'Emerald' because the 'default' segment is full. If you ran out
of space in Syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE
or sp_extendsegment to increase the size of the segment. State 2,

Emerald DataBase:
Data Size: 250 MB
Data Space Available: 0.00 MB
Log Size: 150 MB
Log Space Available: 149.99 MB
Version: 408

HELP!! What do I do???


Wayne Griswold
Network Administrator
U.P. Log-on Internet
(906) 774-4847

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