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James B. Hrdy ( (no email) )
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 11:04:39 -0500

I have seen 2 different views on this. The first is that the customer service rep can only change
the password to what the user thinks it is. The second is that the rep can actually the password.
With the first scenerio you will need some kind of verification procedure, Mothers Maiden Name,
DOB, secret word, etc. This would help to verify that the person on the line is actually the user
and not someone just trying to gain access. With the second scenerio, you have to place an
amount of trust in your reps.

> Hi guys,
> I may be tasked by a local telco to run a new ISP of theirs that's far
> larger than our own mom-and-pop version.
> Can anyone tell me how to set up our helpdesk ?
> This local telco plans to use their existing helpdesk as the ISP's
> helpdesk too.
> The issue here is helpdesk access to customer usernames and passwords.
> Should helpdesk people be allowed to see usernames / passwords to assist
> users in their login problems ?
> If not, then how can the helpdesk properly assist the customers establish
> their dialup connections ?
> - Danny Sinang
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