[NTISP] ISP Consultant needed . . . .

Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:09:55 -0400


We are an ISP in New York with 1200+ customers, and are looking for a consultant
who specializes in ISP's.

The consultant should have a very good knowledge of ISP-specific issues like

- Windows NT (in our case)
- ISP billing software functionality
- Integration of Network Access Servers with external Radius / Accounting
- General network hardware configuration (i.e. hubs, switches, routers, CSU/DSU,
DS-1's, etc.)
- How to automate the signup & configuration process for a dialup customer,
perhaps using a public web interface,
for example
- Knowledge of contractual / legal issues faced by ISP's would also be helpful

**Specifically, we are looking for a person who might have experience with
setting up a workable (automated) dialup arrangement with a University.**

We would of course be happy to talk informally with anyone who has experience
with all of the above. We'd also be willing to pay for consulting services.

Please respond to webmaster@webjogger.net if you're interested or if you know
someone who might be.

Thanks alot,
Adam Greene
Webjogger Internet Services

P.S. Hardware and software vendors who provide comprehensive customer signup /
configuration / billing packages are also welcome to email us. Thanks.

[Apologies to anyone subscribed to isp-tech@isp-tech.com who received two copies
of this posting]

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