RE: [NTISP] Hello All - Some asy questions...

Kevin Coveney ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 13:24:03 -0400

Dedicate the full T1/PRI to dial-up access. Look into a RAS unit
like and Ascend MAX. (we're using a MAX4048) It will handle all
analog calls (v.90 support) and ISDN calls automatically. It's
as simple as that. You can even expand it to dual PRIs.

The MAX will handle all of your authentication internally unless you
want to put up a RADIUS server (probably a must if you have multiple
RAS boxes and want to centralize authentication).

Take your old POTS phone line and use them for voice. The PRI can
have multiple Tel#s but you'll only need one. The telephone company
should be able to migrate you POTS tel# to the PRI line and give you
new ones for your POTS lines.

-Kevin Coveney

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> We are small isp that only offers dial-up to our computer customers. I
> also off isdn access. We are thinking of adding a PRI so that I can
> offer 56k access and cheaper isdn for customers.
> We currently use analog phone lined for dial-up with NT RAS as the
> authentication software. I have a cisco 2509 router attached to a t1.
> I would like to use 11 channels of the pri for dial-up 56k access. 6
> Channels for dial up voice. And the remaining 6 for isdn access. Can
> anyone tell me if what equipment you would reccomend at a CHEap Price.
> Also Can I still use RAS for authentication or will I need to add
> another software for that?
> Please address as as an idiot as I am still trying to learn the in's and
> out's of this stuff...
> Thanks for your help!
> Brent Sheppard
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