[NTISP] Hello All - Some asy questions...

Brent Sheppard ( brent@webmetrics.com )
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 12:04:27 -0500

We are small isp that only offers dial-up to our computer customers. I
also off isdn access. We are thinking of adding a PRI so that I can
offer 56k access and cheaper isdn for customers.

We currently use analog phone lined for dial-up with NT RAS as the
authentication software. I have a cisco 2509 router attached to a t1.

I would like to use 11 channels of the pri for dial-up 56k access. 6
Channels for dial up voice. And the remaining 6 for isdn access. Can
anyone tell me if what equipment you would reccomend at a CHEap Price.
Also Can I still use RAS for authentication or will I need to add
another software for that?

Please address as as an idiot as I am still trying to learn the in's and
out's of this stuff...

Thanks for your help!

Brent Sheppard


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