RE: [NTISP] NT and PERL problems...

Thomas Massano ( )
Tue, 4 May 1999 12:28:32 -0400

I used

It was a no brainer, does everything for you.

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Subject: [NTISP] NT and PERL problems...

We have been trying to get PERL up and running on our
NT server running IIS4.0. But we seem to be missing
something as the PERL scripts are executed at the command
line (NT finds the PERL interpreter executable) but
when referenced on an html page nothing happens.

I know this can't be all that hard, but for some reason
we keep hitting a road block.

Any and all suggestions, directions will be appreciated I know
that someone else can help.

I will consider anything including starting over with the PERL
install from scratch if anyone can give me the proper steps
to get this running.