Re: [NTISP] NT and PERL problems...

Petar Nikolich ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 May 1999 00:17:48 +0800

On my machine where I installed ActiveState Perl5.005_02 find the following within
your Perl directory. I used the default install so it was C:\Perl
directory find the following area

C:\Perl\html\Perl-Win32\perlwin32faq6.html <--- open this html file

I think the 7th hyperlink down is all about the EXACT installation details for IIS4

Just remember to add the '%s %s' (without quotes) in step 9 or stuff will not work.

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From: Kevin Coveney <>
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Date: Wednesday, 5 May 1999 0:06
Subject: [NTISP] NT and PERL problems...

>We have been trying to get PERL up and running on our
>NT server running IIS4.0. But we seem to be missing
>something as the PERL scripts are executed at the command
>line (NT finds the PERL interpreter executable) but
>when referenced on an html page nothing happens.
>I know this can't be all that hard, but for some reason
>we keep hitting a road block.
>Any and all suggestions, directions will be appreciated I know
>that someone else can help.
>I will consider anything including starting over with the PERL
>install from scratch if anyone can give me the proper steps
>to get this running.