RE: [NTISP] IIS4 and Applications

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 17:07:18 -0600

His point exactly.. it doesn't work perfectly if someone can't get in..

It is EACH IPS's choice to decide if he wants to have virtual web sites
using 1 IP or have each web site with it's own IP..

Until such time that I see a reason for me to change, I choose to use an IP
for each website.... When the time comes that I feel my customers will not
loose any capabilities then I will change to virtual web sites...

In any event.. a person should not be chastised if he/she chooses to do it
differently than you choose...

> Oh really. I have one IP address for all the www sites in IIS 4 and it
> works prefectly.
> The only problem is really netscape 2 users that cant support httpd 1.1??
> >But if you don't then how can you get to work
> without the www in
> >front of it? It is better to have seperate ip's.
> >
> >Danny wrote:
> >
> >> U dont understand you don't need a seperate IP address for a
> new website
> >> thingy so why do you bother binding all them additional IP address to
> the NT.

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