[NTISP] IIS4 and Applications

isp ( (no email) )
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 14:39:57 EST


I've been using IIS 4 with Cold Fusion for a few months now.

After initial install on a new server unit, and addition of 20 domain sites, IIS stopped allowing me the ability to use scripts (default application). As this was a first attempt, I reinstalled many apps and tried again.

Now after two months, it happened again:

When I look at the "default web site" properties - Home Directory tab - there is the "default application" setting configuration includes CF and ASP tags. This is fine in the default web site.

But when I add a new site, these settings aren't included and I don't see how to add them.

Can anyone help?
Do I need to reinstall IIS (everytime)?
Why does this happen?

Thank You,
Tim D


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