RE: [RadiusNT] Anyone at IEA-Software actually care about my prob

Graeme Slogrove ( )
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 20:08:15 +0200

Thanks for trying to help - unfortunately being 12-13 hours behind you, I
have to sleep sometime ;)

I am fully aware of the support procedures, however I have seen several
other posts of the Dr-Watson errors and put it to the list.

The post from Brian helped in only making the time to restart Radius faster
- I already had the visual notification removed, I had only added it in
monitor when it crashed. - It reloads quicker if you remove the crash dump
option, since this takes too long to generate on a 256MB machine.

HOWEVER, this does not solve the problem. It is restarting between 1 and 10
minutes, and rad-check is NOT a solution to what is clearly an error
somewhere in RadiusNT.

It's a great product, and I have seen Dale sweat it out to get it just
right. But, with firm proof of a problem, at least an acknowledgement would
be great.

The username error usually results from a misconfigured remote modem.

Thanks again :)


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I assumed that the post from Brian helped you since I saw no followup fromyou. This is a user supported mail list, and IEA is not obligated toprovide free support on it (although they frequently do). I think thiscomment is a little off the wall. I don't always get answers here either,but it is helpful when I do. I believe you can buy support from IEA, and ifthe problem were critical, it is certainly what I would do.

I attempted to duplicate the problem you outlined using the info youprovided in your post, but I was not successful. The user name you showed(how the heck that showed up!!!), and got an error from RadiusNT, but itkept in trucking.

Sam Lowe

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