[RadiusNT] Radtriggers

Fernando M. Kiernan ( (no email) )
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:01:21 -0300

We are running radiusnt 2.5.178 in a NT4SP5 with SQL Server 6.5SP5.
We activated the radtrigger option and see in -x15 debug mode the call to "radcheckecktrigger xxx". However nothing happens and nothing seem to return from the call as there is no messages of any nature on the screen.
If we use I_sqlW to log in as the same user that radiusnt uses and execute the same instruction we see on the debug screen we get this record:
filename: tosee.bat
parameters: null
directory: c:\radius\ (we also used c:\radius)
type: 1

the file tosee.bat just does an echo to a file called execs. This file never changes showing the trigger is not executed...

All permissions are set to everyone full control.

What can be the problem??

Thanks in advance.

--Fernando KiernanImagenes Digitales S.A.DILHARDfkiernan@dilhard.com.arhttp://www.dilhard.com.ar


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