Re: [RadiusNT] Log File Importer For Radius 2.5.160 and higher

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 12:46:14 -0700

Graeme Slogrove wrote:
> >:) Not to many people actually read the changes.txt, much less act
> >upon it. Great job!
> Thanks :) - It sure made life easier in the compact format. Great idea.
> The import file was eventually 20Mb after I combined all the different
> portmasters - I figure the old format would be about 5-6 times that size
> !

Yes. RadiusNT is also one of the few RADIUS servers that can read
a numerical users file in as well. If you have a larger users files,
that you are using for a file backup that is not for human editing
(like something Radusers made) then using a numerical format will
making reading/processing it a lot faster, as well as the size if
greatly reduced. There is a version of radusers somewhere around here
that produces that kind of file as well.

> >If you want to ftp it to /incoming on our FTP site, I'd be happy to put
> >it into the contrib section.
> Transferring as we speak. It will be in your incoming in a few minutes,
> called logreader.exe (self-extracting zipfile)

Ok. I move it into /radiusnt/contrib on the FTP site.


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