Re: [Emerald] SQL Server not fast enhough??? BIG Connection

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:55:02 -0400

Everything you are saying is like DejaVu!
I am using 6096's and 4048's .
I have 7.0.4 on the 6096's and 6.1.7 on the 4048's
I am using an AMD 450 256MB ram dual 9GB SCSI HD

I have customers calling saying that they get errors like
1 The remote computer is not answering(even though it sounds like it is=
2 Unable to establish a dial-up network connection
3 disconnected by the remote computer

I have talked to Ascend and tried using radif.
Ascend will tell me that it is in my radius server, or try logging radif=
and send it to us.

I have contacted IEA and they will try to help, but personally, I think the=
problem is in the Ascend box.

Some reasons I think this are:

I have watched customers try to dial and 1) in radif there will be no=
username where there usually is, 2) on the main GUI I don't see LAN=
Security Error or anything else about that user, and 3) they do not show=
up in the rad log on the Emerald GUI

This should mean that they are not getting to the radius server. Mine=
happen to authenticate remotely. I have checked the T1 usage, and that=
should not be the problem.

I hate to be like a customer and blame someone else, so I assume it is my=
problem and see what I can fix. I am getting frustrated and am beginning=
to lose customers and reputation.

I have checked the modem suspect list and there are none on it.


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On 10/28/99, at 11:34 AM, Josh Hillman wrote:

>From: PowerNet <>
>>I am having the same problems almost exactly.
>>I have many customers bitching and need to get this resolved ASAP.
>>What code are you running on your Ascend boxes?
>I haven't run into the problem that you're encountering. We presently=
>207 lines (coming across PRI lines) feeding a Max 4004, a 4002, and 3=
>All Maxes are running 7.0.22 (ftk.m40). We're using a dual Pentium III=
>with 512MB RAM running SQL 6.5 and RadiusNT as well. SQL presently has
>around 410 MB RAM allocated to it. Prior to about a month ago, it was a
>dual Pentium 200 (yeah, the original Pentium) with 256 MB RAM. There were
>no problems with connections then either.
>Maybe your Max TAOS needs to be upgraded? If you're running syslogd
>somewhere, what are you seeing in there? Are there radius timeouts or are
>you getting disconnects with combination results of
>"ascenddisconnectcause=3D10, ascendconnectprogress=3D31" or what?
>If your Maxes all have the same OS on them and you're only encountering
>problems coming into a specific one, you may have a problem with an
>individual modem slot or modem itself. You might also have a line problem
>(will need to contact your telco about that). If you're not running=
>somewhere, you can determin if your Max(es) have a malfunctioning=
>pretty easily:
> Telnet into the Max and get into "Full security" mode.
> Hit control-d, then d (diagnostics mode)
> Type the following command (stands for "avaliable modems"):
> avm
> See if any of them are listed on:
> Modems on suspect list:
>If you see a modem (or entire slot) on that list, then that's your=
>Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to reset (reboot) the Max. If
>only one or two modems are acting up and you're using PRIs, you can=
>the modem without causing any problems for the users since you'll have an
>extra modem per PRI (the 24th channel). So, you can disable it until=
>ready to reboot the Max later on. This will prevent the Max from=
>incoming calls to the failing modem--they'll be routed to another modem in
>the unit.
>To disable a modem (let's say mode 8:5 is flaky), get back to the main=
>(if you're still in Diagnostics mode, type "q" then hit enter). Go into=
>menu "80-000 K56 Modem-12" (or whatever), then Mod Config, then select the
>appropriate modem ("Modem #5=3D enable modem") and change its status to
>"disable modem". Save the settings.
>Be aware that if you do reboot the Max after disabling a modem, you'll=
>to re-enable the modem sometime after it comes back on. In other words,=
>the modem was disabled at the time of the reset/reboot, it'll still be
>disabled when it comes back online.
>On 10/27/99, at 5:18 PM, Ken wrote:
>>I have about 350 phone lines all connecting to various ascend max 4048
>>They authenticate against a NT Server SQL emerald database.
>>the server is a PII 450 with 384MB RAM I have it configured to use 160 MB
>Ram for SQL server.
>>I am also running radius NT on the same machine. are there any other
>settings for SQL server that could help?
>>the user dials in connects and on verifying username and password drops.
>this only happens alot during peek times.
>>do I need to change the temp database?
>>Please help
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