Re: [Emerald] SQL Server not fast enhough??? BIG Connection Problems

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:34:06 -0400

From: PowerNet <>
>I am having the same problems almost exactly.
>I have many customers bitching and need to get this resolved ASAP.
>What code are you running on your Ascend boxes?

I haven't run into the problem that you're encountering. We presently have
207 lines (coming across PRI lines) feeding a Max 4004, a 4002, and 3 4048s.
All Maxes are running 7.0.22 (ftk.m40). We're using a dual Pentium III 450
with 512MB RAM running SQL 6.5 and RadiusNT as well. SQL presently has
around 410 MB RAM allocated to it. Prior to about a month ago, it was a
dual Pentium 200 (yeah, the original Pentium) with 256 MB RAM. There were
no problems with connections then either.

Maybe your Max TAOS needs to be upgraded? If you're running syslogd
somewhere, what are you seeing in there? Are there radius timeouts or are
you getting disconnects with combination results of
"ascenddisconnectcause=10, ascendconnectprogress=31" or what?
If your Maxes all have the same OS on them and you're only encountering
problems coming into a specific one, you may have a problem with an
individual modem slot or modem itself. You might also have a line problem
(will need to contact your telco about that). If you're not running syslogd
somewhere, you can determin if your Max(es) have a malfunctioning slot/modem
pretty easily:
Telnet into the Max and get into "Full security" mode.
Hit control-d, then d (diagnostics mode)
Type the following command (stands for "avaliable modems"):
See if any of them are listed on:
Modems on suspect list:
If you see a modem (or entire slot) on that list, then that's your problem.
Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to reset (reboot) the Max. If
only one or two modems are acting up and you're using PRIs, you can disable
the modem without causing any problems for the users since you'll have an
extra modem per PRI (the 24th channel). So, you can disable it until you're
ready to reboot the Max later on. This will prevent the Max from directing
incoming calls to the failing modem--they'll be routed to another modem in
the unit.

To disable a modem (let's say mode 8:5 is flaky), get back to the main menu
(if you're still in Diagnostics mode, type "q" then hit enter). Go into the
menu "80-000 K56 Modem-12" (or whatever), then Mod Config, then select the
appropriate modem ("Modem #5= enable modem") and change its status to
"disable modem". Save the settings.

Be aware that if you do reboot the Max after disabling a modem, you'll have
to re-enable the modem sometime after it comes back on. In other words, if
the modem was disabled at the time of the reset/reboot, it'll still be
disabled when it comes back online.


On 10/27/99, at 5:18 PM, Ken wrote:
>I have about 350 phone lines all connecting to various ascend max 4048
>They authenticate against a NT Server SQL emerald database.
>the server is a PII 450 with 384MB RAM I have it configured to use 160 MB
Ram for SQL server.
>I am also running radius NT on the same machine. are there any other
settings for SQL server that could help?
>the user dials in connects and on verifying username and password drops.
this only happens alot during peek times.
>do I need to change the temp database?
>Please help

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