[Emerald] Sales Tax Report

Ronnie D. Franklin ( ronnie@itexas.net )
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 22:52:03 -0500

As we Texas ISPs near the eve of our new Internet Sales Tax laws I am trying
to generate a sales tax report based on actual monies received for the
month. This report is very necessary to be able to figure the sales tax

The tax_Sum.rpt is based on invoices, which is projected payments, not
actual monies received. I believe that in most states you are liable for
the actual tax collected, not what you think you will collect.

The Payments table contains no tax information.. just the amount of the
payment. I realize that it does contain the InvoiceID. However, I just
don't know enough about linking tables and coming up with a valid Crystal

So, anyone got a CR that is based on actual payments/taxes received??????



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