Re: [Emerald] RadiusNT failed miserably

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 16:13:04 -0700

Brad Teague wrote:
> Then, mysteriously, it will just fail. Friday night (9/17/99), RadiusNT
> bombed out on us and started failing every user that attempted to get
> online. This caused EXTREME problems as you can imagine for about 30 minutes
> until our emergency line got in touch with me and I was able to revert to
> the old authentication server.

Define an acct/auth log file and turn on the four debug options and
let it run as a service like that. Also, grab RadCheck and
install it to restart RadiusNT. Then look at the logfile
entries where RadiusNT crashes/restarts and send those to me.

You can get RadCheck from:

Note: Radcheck is NOT a solution. Its a temp workaround until we
can figure out what the problem is (sorry, I couldn't resist).


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