[Emerald] Invoice.rpt

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 17:31:24 -0700

Well, this is the week. Our data is (mostly) clean and we are attempting
our first billing. However, I need to try to resolve a couple of problems
before I proceed:

Problem 1: I can bring up an individual invoice and view the report
associated with via the print function. However, when I go into batch mode
and attempt to print the two sample invoices I've generated, Emerald tells
me that the very same report cannot be found. How do I fix this? We want
to be able to check a number of invoices before they go out and doing so in
batch mode would be the easiest way.

Problem 2: I think I have a pretty good grasp on what's happening when I
generate invoices, but there is an aspect of it that I need to correct
before I actually run the entire batch. That is, if I got into an MBR's
History, some users have some old pro-rates hanging aroung that have been
long since dealt with. Prior to actually generating an invoice, I noticed
that I can delete these manually. How about programmatically? I suspect
there is an SQL statement that would do the trick. For instance, I would
like to get rid of any such data for customers whose records were created
prior to September 1, 1999.

Problem 3 (not related to my immediate billing situation): I asked last week
about some unusual behavior on the part of the Trim function. (see below)
Actually, I asked twice. No one responded. Did I ask some kind of
forbidden question? I mean, I can't help but notice that certain questions
simply never get a response.

David V. Brenner - dvb@cport.com
International Services Network Corporation

> I am somewhat perplexed by the behavior of the Trim function in Emerald
> Admin.
> I selected '2 Months' and clicked 'Show' - I got 14000 some odd calls for
> July.
> Upon completion, I selected '1 Month' and clicked 'Show' again -
> this time I
> got just over 215000 calls for July and 14000 or so (about three
> days worth)
> for August.
> At this point, it doesn't look like I can clear out the rest of
> July without
> wiping out some of August. At the same time, if I wanted to get
> rid of all
> of August's calls, it doesn't appear to be possible.
> So, my confusion is twofold:
> First, I cannot understand why selecting an age of two months shows one
> month's calls, while selecting 1 month shows two months' calls.
> Second, I cannot understand why selecting 1 month shows one call
> total for a
> particular month, while selecting 2 months shows a very different
> total for
> the same month.
> I venture to say that this is kinda weird, but only because my version of
> the Technical Guide (2.5) doesn't offer *any* information with regard to
> Manual Maintenance and thus I cannot ascertain what is proper behavior for
> this area of the program.
> Does anyone understand what's going on here?

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