[Emerald] I got rid of them!

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 13:26:01 -0500

>In the Emerald Admin you should just be able to delete them from the
>Operators list.
>If the Operator will not delete, then most likely there is a
>relationship >preventing it from being deleted. If you turn
>on debug when you try to delete the operator, it should give
>you the exact error.

Well, I finally got rid of all the ghost Operators... maybe you can tell me
why this worked.

After trying to re-add them and delete them several times, nothing
changed... the Debug didn't tell me anything either...

I got rid of them when I did a "Check Database", under Database
Maintenance, and then did an "Update Database".

Any ideas why this got rid of them... does it hurt doing what I did?

Thanks for your time.

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