RE: [Emerald] Texas ISP Tax

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 12:57:15 -0500

> Sure, you can setup that $19.95 service to be tax exempt, but what happens
> it they signup for another login at $19.95? Oops, $14.90 taxable.

I am going to exempt $25.00 for EACH dialup account... may have to argue
with the comptroller, but I believe that I will win...

> According to this, using your example, the customer would pay tax on
> $44.90 ( (34.95x2) - 25 ). Do you agree?

Nope.. I was referring to a $34.95 PER 2 BRIs.. not per 1 BRI.. so yes, we
both are correct... In any event, the customer owes tax on anything above
$25 on a single connection, and I believe that a bonded connection is still
single, they are bonded... not two seperate systems.

> Or, if somebody has a service of this nature tacked on to their account as
> an additional service, then you must charge tax on 80% of those services
> on top of figuring in the $25 exemption on Internet access services.

Yes that is true.....

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