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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 10:53:57 -0700

David Routh wrote:
> Hello,
> We're trying to set it up to have customers come due on the first of each
> month and giving them to the 15th to pay their account. We've set the
> Billing Cycle "Monthly" to Invoice Bill: 7, with Billing as "Renewal" and
> Cycle as "Monthly".
> The Default Expire is set at 14 and the Default Extend at 7 and the Default
> Limit at 7.
> When I create a user and then have the Radius users file exported it gives
> an expiration date of 10/16/1999... The Expire Date on the account shows
> 10/1/99.

The export takes the temp/perm extends into consideration (which you
have set to 7 for each, which is 1+7+7 (15 days, so they stop working
on the 16th). You want to set the default expire to 0, default extend
to 0,
and the Default limit to 15 for your setup.

> Two charges show up in the History... one is the setup charge and the other
> appears to be a pro-rated charge. The charge shows up for 9 days of
> service... How does Emerald determine this number...

It finds out how many days are left in the month (lets assumed 23)
and then substracts the default expire (14) which gives 9. Therefore
9 days pro-rate.

> Is there something above that needs to be changed in order to have the
> customer expire on the 15th?

Do you mean the radius expore file or the true ExpireDate?


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