[Emerald] Confused...

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 11:58:23 -0500


We're trying to set it up to have customers come due on the first of each
month and giving them to the 15th to pay their account. We've set the
Billing Cycle "Monthly" to Invoice Bill: 7, with Billing as "Renewal" and
Cycle as "Monthly".

The Default Expire is set at 14 and the Default Extend at 7 and the Default
Limit at 7.

When I create a user and then have the Radius users file exported it gives
an expiration date of 10/16/1999... The Expire Date on the account shows

Two charges show up in the History... one is the setup charge and the other
appears to be a pro-rated charge. The charge shows up for 9 days of
service... How does Emerald determine this number...

Is there something above that needs to be changed in order to have the
customer expire on the 15th?

Thanks for your time.

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