Re: [Emerald] Default Account.rpt Still shows $0.00 even after upgrade to 2.5

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 14:24:11 -0400

From: Rudy Komsic <>
> I am having a major nagging problem when it comes to printing a MBR and
> Cost Field with each Service. The problem is that no matter what I enter
> there, either Static Cost or Selected Service Cost, I still get a cost
> amount of $0.00. I checked the commands and they all checked out. I need
> this fixed for my accounting department so that they can know what charges
> to charge to each MBR.

The report displays the SubAccounts.Cost field, which is valid only when
SubAccounts.DiffCost = 1 (which overrides whatever the default cost is for
that service type).
I removed it from our report because it's too difficult to try and track
what the actual cost for the service is, considering there are variations
with termed discounts, etc.


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