Re: [Emerald] ONLINE VIEW

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 07:52:17 -0400

What are your settings for that type of account? ( i.e. Idle Timeout
and/or Ascend-Idle-Limit) We have ours set at between 10 and 20 mins.
(600-1200 sec.)
We tell the customer that they may have to wait up to 20 mins. till they
can get back on if they are dropped for some strange reason. Works most of
the time.

Ed Miller

We are using Ascend term servers with RadiusNT and Emerald.

We have 1 concurrent login set up for all of our users.

We have several people who are continually over their login limit. We
figured that they are just trying to share the account with
friends/shotgunning or something.

Last night a customer called very upset cause he could not log in. I told
him that I showed his account logged in and that if he was not on, someone
could be using his info.
Well, after a little research, The Emerald online window showed that he had
been on for over 40 minutes and then I checked the term server and he was
NOT logged in. I watched for a few more minutes and found that the Emerald
online window was incrementing his time online, and he was not logged in to
the term server.

We need help fixing this ASAP. This is really bad, but it seems to be only
affecting certain users. Users on the metered plans could possibly be
overcharged if this is happening.

Please help ASAP.


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