Re: [Emerald] Pro-Rate

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 09:39:48 -0700

Arwin wrote:
> I recently installed Emerald and trying to setup whatr I thought
> probably would be the easiest service to setup.
> Unlimited $30/month.
> I tried to pro rate the account as they first join and then bill
> everybody on the 1st of every month.
> e.g. todays date is 24/8/99.
> account created 24/8/99
> start on 24/8/99
> paid thru 24/8/99
> billed thru 1/9/99
> last rec 24/8/99
> billing cycle is monthly
> pay period is monthly
> pay method is renewal
> expire date 1/9/99
> when I entered the above information I get a charge of only $2.00 - 2
> days. and no invoice was produce.
> What I calculated it should be around $7.85 for the 24/8 - 31/8 and I
> want to be able to generate an invoice for this as the customers have to
> pay before the services are up and running.

What is you default expire set to in the Emerald Admin? My guess is
that its set to five, which tells Emerald to take five days off the
intial prorate. Therefore, it only bills for the period
which is your two days. You probably want to set the default expire
to 0.

To produce the invoice you either need to run a batch from the
batch window, or use the invoice next term option on the MBR

> P.S. have given up trying (have tried for 3 hrs , mucking around with
> the dates trying to fihure out how it got 2 days out of the above info).

You just gotta ask. :)


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