[Emerald] Pro-Rate

Arwin ( Arwin@fbi.net.au )
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:56:51 +1000

Hi All,

This question may have already been answered previously on the list,

I recently installed Emerald and trying to setup whatr I thought
probably would be the easiest service to setup.

Unlimited $30/month.

I tried to pro rate the account as they first join and then bill
everybody on the 1st of every month.

e.g. todays date is 24/8/99.

account created 24/8/99
start on 24/8/99
paid thru 24/8/99
billed thru 1/9/99
last rec 24/8/99
billing cycle is monthly
pay period is monthly
pay method is renewal
expire date 1/9/99

when I entered the above information I get a charge of only $2.00 - 2
days. and no invoice was produce.

What I calculated it should be around $7.85 for the 24/8 - 31/8 and I
want to be able to generate an invoice for this as the customers have to
pay before the services are up and running.

Any Suggestions??.

I tried going thru the archive on maiiling list , there was one
reference to this problem but couldnt find any solutions.

Thanks in advance.



P.S. have given up trying (have tried for 3 hrs , mucking around with
the dates trying to fihure out how it got 2 days out of the above info).

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