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Hi Dale,

No I want to bill them upfront before they use the service. But when I
create a new account the expire field does not have anything in it and I
have to manually enter it. I would like it so if I create a new account or
pay the account it add's another calender month to the account.

Also how do I get a print out of all the active accounts. Emerald says at
the bottom 2450/3000 how do I get a print out of the 2450 clients ?


Don Barron

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>Don Barron wrote:
>> I have created a service called Unlimited, which is unlimited for one
>> The account starts on the day they join say the 10th of Aug and then
>> on the 9th of Sept. That how it is suppose to work. When I create a new
>> account it puts todays date for the expire, how can I get it to add one
>> month to it ? and then when I click pay it add's another month to that
>> expire ?
>Are you trying to bill ahead of time or in arrears? Emerald is
>designed to to bill up front. Its waiting for you to "PAY" the
>account, before it moves it up a month. What you can do is
>go into the Emerald Admin, Client Config and change the temp
>expire/perm expire fields to something like 7 and 7. That would
>give them 14 days initially to pay their bill, and seven days each
>month after that.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
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