Re: [Emerald] service

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 10:32:45 -0700

Network Operation Centre wrote:
> No I want to bill them upfront before they use the service. But when I
> create a new account the expire field does not have anything in it and I
> have to manually enter it. I would like it so if I create a new account or
> pay the account it add's another calender month to the account.

That is because you have their billing cycle type set to balance
forward. Set it to renewal and Emerald will default the expire date
for you. Balance forward customers don't expire, they go over
their limit. When you pay the first bill (you either need to do an
invoice next term or batch billing to create their first invoice)
then Emerald will advance the expire date.

> Also how do I get a print out of all the active accounts. Emerald says at
> the bottom 2450/3000 how do I get a print out of the 2450 clients ?

You would need to make a report for that. Unfortunately, one doesn't
exist right now. Do you want just a summary, or the full information
each account?


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