Re: [Emerald] Radius Log

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 20:07:44 -0400

From: Patti Raatz <>
> Since 7:23 this evening Emerald Radius logs are reporting unknown user
> max-pools once per minute.
> Nothing has been changed to any of my equipment all day long (which was
> problem when this happened the first time I fired up my Ascend Max unit).

It just occurred to me that I had that problem a long time ago and it was a
known bug in the Maxes that created a IP address leak. I talked to Ascend
about it back then and one thing needed to be changed in the config for the
Max to "fix" it--I haven't had the problem since.
I don't know if you're running into the same problem or not, but here's the

Check the following:
Ethernet --> Mod Config --> WAN options
Make sure that the number of IPs you have allocated in your pool(s) is
equal to or greater than the amount of modems you have in the Max.

Go into your Max and change the following setting:
Ethernet --> Mod Config --> Auth
Auth Pool =
Change it to "No"

You will have to reset the Max after this or you'll never free up the IPs.
After setting and saving the above option:
Hit ^d then d (diagnostics)
Type in:
nvr (this resets the max)


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