[Emerald] Credit Card "Create" problems!

Eric ( ejensen@accnorwalk.com )
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 18:40:24 -0400

When we go to "Batch" in Emerald and un-check "Auto-bill" then choose
"Credit Cards" set the date to 8/2/99 then click the "Create" button,
Emerald comes up and says "Invoice 68 Services?". This wouldn't be a
problem, but we have about 3000+ customers on Credit cards that are due
this month! We can't figure out why it won't create more invoices.
The users account settings are: Paid Thru: 8/1/99, Billed Thru: 8/1/99,
Expired: 8/1/99, Temporary Extend: 0, Permanent Extend: 15, Billing Cycle:
Default, Pay Period: Monthly, Pay Method: Credit Card, and Send Method:
Postal, and Auto Bill is set to 1. I can't seem to find where Emerald is
looking at to determine when or who to bill!
Anyone have an idea on this! Please help, billing was supposed to happen
today :-(
Eric Jensen

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