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Tommy Cheng ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 22:38:16 -0700

> Tommy Cheng wrote:
> Like, if a customer wants to pay for a year in advance, then changed his
> > mind and asked for refund, then asked to change his billing to monthly.
> > Emerald do that by default? After that customer is paid for a year,
> > will not bill that customer correctly after I issued a credit because
> > will be no invoice generated for that user. I need to manually change
> > in SQL so Emerald can generate invoice the next time.
> What I would do is void the yearly invoice, change his pay period to
> monthly, and re-bill. Emerald will handle setting the dates back
> correctly when you void the invoice.

Okay, will this work even after I paid that customer? Let's see, without
really trying this myself, first, I generate an invoice for a yearly
account, then paid that invoice, then delete that payment and void that
invoice, then create an invoice for monthly services. Will Emerald generate
an invoice for that customer the next billing cycle? It doesn't work for
me. If I didn't pay that customer and void out that invoice, yeah, it
works. But after I paid that invoice, auto batch sometimes will not
generate an invoice for that MBR. I have to manually fix it.

> > But since I am more familiar with Emerald's database, and how to deal
> > it, I am unwilling to change to other billing program right now. But I
> > a questin. What can I expect from Emerald soon? That is, without
making me
> > upgrade to version 3 first.
> Version 2.5 is frozen on the feature set. No new features will be
> available for it, just bug fixes. Emerald Version 3 is already heavily
> in development and will be going into Alpha in a couple of months.

Okay, then, without saying too much, 2.5.278 really is not working for me.
Too much problems with it that I don't like to deal with it. Like, when I
am not careful, it will automatically create a $0 charge for every new
service (I clicked on "no" when prompting for "creating invoice").

Really, may I ask for a newer version which works better?


Tommy Cheng
PC Magic

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