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Tommy Cheng ( (no email) )
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Like, how do you use Emerald to issue a credit to customer?

How do you issue a credit with prorate to a specific date or for over

Like, if a customer wants to pay for a year in advance, then changed his
mind and asked for refund, then asked to change his billing to monthly. Can
Emerald do that by default? After that customer is paid for a year, Emerald
will not bill that customer correctly after I issued a credit because there
will be no invoice generated for that user. I need to manually change that
in SQL so Emerald can generate invoice the next time.

How do I fix this problem?

Also, we need, without knowing too much programming on asp or cold fusion,
an interface on the web so customer can update their personal info (address,
credit card number, etc).

I mean, these are intergral part of other billing software, and I like to
see Emerald have this capability as well.

Like, the price of Emerald licenses are going up, but I don't see these
features are being intergrated into Emerald yet. Sure, I can write these
program myself, but since I am paying for $1395 per each 1000 licenses, I
would imaging you can do something to make it easier for us.

If I have to program all these little features, which other billing software
had already implimented them, can I get some discount the next time I
purchase more Emerald licenses? I mean, since I am paying more for less.

Optigold is planning to implement direct database authentication with radius
soon as well.

But since I am more familiar with Emerald's database, and how to deal with
it, I am unwilling to change to other billing program right now. But I have
a questin. What can I expect from Emerald soon? That is, without making me
upgrade to version 3 first.

Tommy Cheng
PC Magic

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> Tommy Cheng wrote:
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> > Are there anyone here who have evaluated either Platypus or Optigold
> > system before?
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> > Emerald is a solid billing program, no doubt, just that I need to use
> > features that Emerald does not yet support, and I think I don't want to
> > it manually anymore.
> Like ? Most of the features of Emerald are user-driven, and added
> by customers asking for them.
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