Re: [Emerald] Please help, Questions on Emerald & SQL....

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 12:15:58 -0700

Eric wrote:
> 1) Is it possible to set the "Permanent Extension" to default to 15? I
> checked in the "MasterAccounts" table at "OverDue" and tried to change the
> default to 15 but it did not reflect the change in Emerald when adding new
> users.

In the Emerlad Admin, Client Config section, you can set the defaults
for the Default Export, Extend, and Limit (the last two are the temp and
perm extend).

> 2) In Emerald Admin, we have had to set the "Default Extend" (which sets
> the temporary extend) to 15 and the "Default Expire" to 15. We have found
> that if these are not set this way, then when you add users, a "Pro-Rate"
> charge is added to the account, which we do not want. The way we pro-rate
> is based on the week of the month ($5.00 per week), and if there is a way
> for us to change Emerald to do this, then that is great. My question here
> is... Can anyone see a potential problem with setting these values
> ("Default Expire" & "Default Extend") each to 15 in the Emerald Admin?

The Default Expire sets the Expire/BilledThru to that many days after
today. Its essentially giving them that many "free" days. To avoid
the pro-rate, you could use anniversary billing. Emerald will not do
the weekly pro-rate.

> 3) In the new Emerald, the way taxes are applied is different than the
> older versions. When we upgraded, we found that all of our business
> accounts were not set to taxable. Does anyone have a script that checks the
> services and then modifies the "Taxable" field under "MasterAccounts" if
> the Services matches at taxable service in the "AccountTypes" table, or
> something like that. This one is not a 3 alarm fire, we only have about
> 1000+ business accounts, and to go through each one and check taxable
> wouldn't be a big deal.

You could use a script like this:

Update ma
Set Taxable = 1